Advantages of Stainless Steel Pot Stands Compared to Iron Pot Stands

A touch of greenery can do wonders for urban dwellers in Dubai, or even those living on rent in a small-bedroom apartment. But don’t you need a large lawn or garden for that? That’s where you are wrong. Potted plants are the best way to enjoy the benefits of a green luscious environment in small spaces. These benefits include:


*Clean and healthy air


*Add to the decor and design of your home


*Create your herb garden for a healthier lifestyle


*Improved concentration, productivity, and creativity


*Reduces background noises, creating a peaceful space


*Can help reduce stress and increase happiness


*Provide shade both indoors and outdoors, adding to insulation and helping save energy


Nowadays, you can almost fit anything into a pot so you don’t even have to worry about the type of plant to choose. But when it comes to the weather in the UAE which is humid throughout the year- you can choose plants that will thrive in this atmosphere like:


*Monsteras– With large cut-out patterns and glossy leaves, these are easy to care for.


*Spider plants– They can purify air and adapt to any type of lighting conditions.


*Ferns– They are lush and feathery and love humidity and indirect sunlight.


The expat community in the UAE who leave their apartments for long vacations to their hometowns can opt for minimal maintenance plants like:


*ZZ plants– They have glossy dark leaves that need minimal watering and low light.


*Snake plants– They improve the air quality, are hardy, and need minimal water.


*Areca palms– Their arching ponds are easy to care for and only need minimal water like snake plants.


If you live in studio apartments or small spaces, you can opt for hanging plants like:


*Pothos– A versatile plant that can easily climb or grow, making them ideal for small spaces.


*Wandering jew– Its purple-bright leaves add an attractive color to your space.


*English-ivy– It creates lush-trailing vines that can add much-needed greenery to your homes.


But it is important to pay attention to the pot stands you buy- it might seem trivial because you have numerous options, but without the correct stand, you cannot create a sustainable garden structure indoors or outdoors. While the most popular choices are iron cast pots or stainless steel pots, we can say that stainless steel pots are the best. Know why? Read on to find out:


Friend to the environment

Iron pots require mining before they are manufactured thus leaving a large environmental footprint. Steel pots on the other hand are made with recyclable materials contributing to a greener future.


Adds to the aesthetics

If you are living in a rented space or even your own home, along with choosing the right decor items, you most certainly need some plants. Stainless steel planters are more aesthetically pleasing compared to iron pots. You can get various designs and styles of pots according to your liking. Their sleek, modern appearance and reflective surfaces can add a touch of elegance to any environment.



Compared to iron pots, stainless steel pots are more durable and long-lasting. Considering the harsh weather conditions in the UAE, these pots can be kept outdoors as well as indoors. They can resist rust and corrosion making them a practical choice for you. They are also resistant to dents or cracks, so you can allow your toddler to run free and explore the greenery.


Easy maintenance

Stainless steel pots offer easy maintenance. This is a boon for the busy office goers who have no time for looking after their pots and plants. Stainless steel pots are also less likely to harbor pests or bacteria creating a hygienic green space in your home.


Portability and weight

Stainless steel pots are lightweight thus allowing easy portability. You can re-arrange your plants based on light or decor requirements. Iron-cast pots, on the other hand, are better suited for permanent outdoor installations.


When you consider the cost of stainless steel plant pots in Dubai, you may reconsider buying them. But you need to remember that the money you invest in these pots is easily redeemable in terms of what it offers- hassle-free maintenance, durability, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly.