Donut Planter

Donut Planter

The ‘Donut’ Planter is named after the popular ‘doughnut’ (UK) or ‘Donut’ (US) - due to the similarity in shape. The ‘topping’ of the planter is Acacia wood, creating the casual seating area, the rest of the planter is of durable ‘fiber-reinforced resin’ construction – finished to a high gloss. The central area is a 60cm diameter planter, ideal for a feature plant.

  • Innovative combination of seating and planter
  • Made out of high-quality fiber-reinforced resin
  • Top portion is made of real Acacia wood (7.5 cm thickness)
  • Comes with high-quality synthetic inner planting pot
  • Robust and strong
  • High glossy finish for synthetic portion & semi matt finish for wood portion


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