Live & Artificial Green Wall

Live & Artificial Green Walls

The Mini Garden Vertical Green Wall is an innovative modular design which is both versatile and practical.
The versatility comes from the modules which are a convenient 64.6cm X 19cm X 20cm height. Modules can be locked together both vertically and horizontally with purpose-designed ‘locking clips’ to achieve any desired length or height.

During installation, each module is independently bolted or screwed to the wall, spreading the load evenly. The green wall is constructed layer by layer, and as each layer is completed, the purpose made micro-irrigation tubing should be installed before starting on the next layer (Final connection to the ‘system’ can be done when the modules are all fixed in position).

Unlike many other systems, the Mini Garden has integral drainage channels built into it so that any excess water is channeled out, bypassing all the other modules.

The Modules

The modules are made of ‘Polypropylene Morplene’ with UV protection.
The image below shows how individual components of each module
combine and fit together

Corner Modules

The corner modules are single units (1 plant pocket) which complement
the standard (3 pocket modules) to ‘dress up’ the ends. They can also be
used as independent stacking units.