Planting Pots

Planting Pots in Dubai, UAE

Siji Greenhouse is home to high-quality planters in the UAE. 50% of our Garden Pots are unique to our brand in their make, design, colour and size and can't be found elsewhere in the UAE or online.
Planting pots find various applications today. They can be used to grow plants as well as enhance the beauty of your home or office. We deal in all kinds of planting pots from natural and metallic to synthetic and even Plastic pots. Discover our online range of small-to-large plant pots, hanging flower pots and many more varieties in different shapes and patterns, online. Choosing the right planting pot requires some thought as they vary from one another in terms of use and quality. Not all plant pots are weather-resistant and not all plants can be grown in each of them. Some are indoor-specific while some are crossovers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Other factors to be taken into consideration are permeability and water retention capacity.
Explore online our wide range of indoor planting pots. You can also contact us to help you pick the right planter for your purpose. Take a quick look: