What to Expect from a Professional Indoor Plant Design Service?

Not yet hired a landscape design company in Dubai or a professional indoor plant design service? Not to worry, we outline what you can expect from Siji Greenhouse and how exactly our service process works. 


Your inquiry is what gets the ball rolling. When you show interest in us, we come over to you to discuss your requirements and for site assessment. We’ll first test the feasibility, measure the area, check the light and humidity levels and examine your present plants if any. We always love our clients having their own ideas about their requirements – it could even be a wish list of plants, colour schemes, etc. The more we know about your requirements, the better we can deliver. So, you can expect our designers to ask you a few questions like: 

  • What kind of indoor plants you’ve in mind? (They will also suggest plants matching the present light conditions and your maintenance plans) 
  • What type of foliage you prefer for example large leaves, pale green, thick, or any other
  • What is your budget range?
  • What kind of balance are you seeking between hardscape and softscape?

Finalizing a design

Based on your priorities and the information gathered, a preliminary design is created (on paper) to help you understand the arrangements of plants and how the site will look post-installation. You can be sure that your indoor plant design is taking shape. You can review the design, and tell us if you need anything to be altered. Considering your feedback, revisions are done till a master plan is created. Learn more about our design process.


Once we get your nod, we plan out the installation process. We make sure your activities are not disrupted. Installation can take a few days, depending on the scope of the project and the availability of materials. Since we procure plants from our farm and use our vehicles to transport them, we can quickly finish the process. To know more about our installation, click here.


Once the installation is complete, the baton is passed on to our maintenance team and they will take over from this point onwards. They will make periodic visits to take care of your plants. In case there are failing plants, they’ll replace them with new ones. Know more about maintenance.

Since we are a full-service landscaping company, you can expect us to provide end-to-end plant design and installation service. So you don’t have to seek contractors for implementation, source plants from outside, or worry about maintaining them. We also supply zero-maintenance artificial plants in case you can’t tend to their needs.

The success of an indoor plant design or a landscaping project lies in the decision that you make about choosing the right professional. Avoid surprises by relying on only professionals for your plant design and installation works in Dubai. If you’re interested in working with our team, call us now.