Why Commercial Indoor Landscape Maintenance is Important for Your Business?

In recent times, indoor landscaping has become an essential part of all architecture. From small offices to large organizations, the trend is visible everywhere today, thanks to the wide acceptance of biophilic designs. 

Indoor landscaping involves the use of different forms of flora to create a unique design that is aesthetically pleasing and creates an endearing image for your business. It doesn’t have to be a fancy vertical garden in your reception but a series of planters placed along the doorway also fits the bill.

No matter how simple or elaborate it is, indoor landscaping offers benefits that go beyond its visual appeal.

For example, when employees are surrounded by plants, studies have revealed that they tend to be :

  1. more productive
  2. happier and energetic
  3. less tensed and their stress levels coming down

All of this translates into higher output and revenue for the company. At the end of the day, indoor landscaping helps organizations reap economic benefits.

But remember it is not a one time task. Once you’ve made a decision to implement it, you’ve to look after it to achieve the desired results. You can sign a contract with the same landscaping company or avail the service of some other landscape contractors. But never try to do it yourself, unless you’re qualified. You can find several indoor landscape contractors in Dubai providing maintenance services at affordable rates. 

Here are some of the reasons why commercial indoor plant maintenance is necessary:

1. Keeps plants in good shape

Since the landscaping is done using live plants, their size and health have to be maintained. Indoor plant maintenance involves tasks like pruning, trimming, weeding, and irrigation. This helps limit the growth of the plants in proportion to the design. Also, the diseased and fallen leaves are removed and dead plants, replaced with new ones. As a result, your landscape will look as fresh as new all year round. 

2. Pest-free landscape

If left unattended, your landscape can be home to unwanted pests and insects like scales or mealy bugs. Live plants can harbour all kinds of bugs and pests, which are detrimental to the health of the plants. Regular maintenance eliminates such problems, saving you money on unnecessary pest control treatments. 

3. Gives business advantage

Proper maintenance will help you put across a message that your business is environment friendly. You’ll also notice a huge traffic in your business with people sticking around the landscaping area for a longer period of time. 

4. Add value to your investment  

Indoor landscaping is a thoughtful investment; you do it because you want certain benefits out of it, which could be either to attract more footfalls or increase the productivity of your employees. Whatever the reason, only with periodic maintenance will you be able to achieve the results. After all, no one likes outgrown or run-down landscapes.

5. Enhances the value of the property

A well-maintained interior landscape can increase the resale value of your property and you will be able to sell it faster. You will see a high demand for your property in the real estate market.

While opting for an indoor landscape maintenance service, keeping the following points in mind helps: –

1. Create a plan

As a business, you can put forth what you’re expecting from the maintenance program. Perhaps you can create a checklist so that you keep track of things covered during each schedule. 

2. Choose the right people  

You can either entrust the same company that has done the landscaping or choose any other you deem fit. However, make sure that the provider you choose has been in business for years with in-depth knowledge of the various flora and enough commercial indoor landscaping experience. 

At Siji Greenhouse, indoor landscaping and maintenance is what we do and we do it with great passion. We do the maintenance for indoor landscaping at Dubai Airport, Fujairah Airport, Dubai Festival City, ADNEC, and more.