Highball Highlight Abalone

Highball Highlight Abalone

This range of "Highball" planters is a family of planters grouped together due to their shape (with the exception of the "Bowl"). There is diversity however in the finishing, which utilizes a number of exotic materials in various ways.

The Abalone shells are sourced from Australia, from the commercial abalone industry. Only a small percentage of the shell is usable due to the curvature of the shell, so wastage is high. A small tessellated style is utilized to great effect by highlighting the top section of the planter as a uniform band. It is similar to the MOP, but the range of colours refracted and reflected are far more diverse and complex. A truly exotic look!

  • Fully waterproof planter for indoor use
  • Lacquered for additional protection
  • Standard colours black and white
  • Natural ‘Mother of Pearl’ or ‘Abalone’ highlights
  • Handcrafted
  • Available with self-watering system