Jigsaw Stainless Steel Polished Steel/ Electroplated Gold

Jigsaw Stainless Steel

These planters are very robust. They have hard clean surfaces with crisp well-defined shapes and edges. Some have an exaggerated ‘flattened top lip’ accentuating the inherent strength and some a more subtle ‘rolled lip’ to give a neatly finished edge detail. The top of the range is the ‘Jigsaw’ which is constructed by securing individual, randomly shaped tiles of stainless steel (set in black resin), over a synthetic base. This requires dedicated input from highly skilled artisans and results in a stunning finished product. All these planters are lacquered for additional protection against scratches.

  • Made from pre-cut, polished, randomly-shaped stainless steel tiles clad over synthetic base.
  • Fully waterproof planter for indoor use
  • Lacquer coated for additional protection
  • Rustproof
  • Available in ‘Polished Stainless Steel’ or ‘Electroplated Gold’