Green Walls

Preserved Green Walls in Dubai

Preserved using natural techniques, our Persevered Green Walls are made with 100% natural plants. Our preserved green walls are an innovative solution for vertical gardens and a convenient alternative to living walls. They can provide you with a maintenance-free biophilic environment irrespective of your space and type of wall. You don't have to bother about watering or invest in additional lighting, nor do you have to trim it to keep them in good shape.

Our preserved green walls stay fresh during the specified warranty period. With a broad range of preserved plants in stock including ferns, Ball/bun moss, reindeer/ Lychen moss, and deer foot moss, you can transform any dull wall into an inspiring green garden. No matter your requirements - a full wall cladding or ready-to-install panels, we can customize a design to suit your decor. We’ve installed preserved green walls for some of the leading businesses and luxury homes in Dubai.

Preserved Green Wall Types:

  • Preserved Flat Moss wall
  • Preserved Ball Moss wall
  • Preserved Lychen Moss wall
  • Preserved Forest Moss wall
  • Preserved Combination Moss wall
  • Preserved Ivy Moss wall

The highlight features are:

  • Lightweight
  • Very little maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • No water or drainage
  • No light requirement
  • Absorbs high sound frequencies, so works as sound barrier
  • Non toxic & Non allergic and does not attract insects

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