5 Proven Benefits of Indoor Plants in Your Office

As work from home has become the new normal in a lot of organizations, many employees are having a tough time coping with their newly-created work environment – because their home is not optimized for work and productivity.

This is not exclusive to makeshift home offices. Even some real offices are not up to scratch, causing unnecessary stress and absenteeism among employees.

Several studies have gone into this area and found that incorporating nature or a couple of indoor plants into the design can do wonders in your workplace. They can lift one’s mood and make them more energetic at work. 

That’s not the whole picture however, indoor plants have several other benefits too. Here are five proven benefits of incorporating plants into your workplace environment.

Improve air quality: Dirty air conditioners, use of air fresheners and cleaning agents can all pollute the air in your office. Try placing indoor plants ‘here and there’ to fill your room with more oxygen. Plants are the only natural air purifiers. They’ll absorb some of the excess carbon dioxide and contribute to keeping the humidity at a comfortable level. Some are also known to absorb toxins in the air like VOC’s. A lot on information regarding this is available on-line and a little research will help with plant selection a good option for example would be a Kentia palm. 

Reduce workplace stress:  Stress is part and parcel of every job; Indoor plants can contribute to reducing stress levels. This is supported by several studies that show that plants can influence one’s mental health. Place indoor plants like Guzmania Grand Prix or Spathiphyllum Cupido in the corners of your room or where your eyes usually gravitate to. This helps you connect with nature and feel more relaxed. Connecting with nature is a good remedy for stress and anxiety.

Reduce absenteeism: Illness is one of the main reasons for frequent absenteeism in workplaces. Poor air quality, stress, etc. can all take a toll on one’s health. Small changes to your interiors can work towards lowering absenteeism. Use indoor plants liberally and see it for yourself. This is also supported by a number of independent studies.

Increase productivity and creativity: A fact that many studies have unanimously proved. Many offices are now including live plants in their designs as a measure to provide a more ‘relaxing’ creative work environment for their employees. Even table tops can work. Besides physical and mental well-being, employees will be able to draw inspiration, which can finally translate to quality output. They’ll come up with fresh ideas and involve more in their tasks, which will ultimately result in higher productivity.

Have functional uses: As well as improving employee performance, plants can be used to make your office look more charming and welcoming for your customers. You can use them to enhance your decor, hiding imperfections as well as zoning workstations, thereby creating an appearance of a nature-inspired office.  If you have an open-plan office, bringing in more plants can help reduce the noise levels, so your employees will be able to concentrate on their tasks better. 

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Indoor plants normally come in three types to match your room’s light conditions: 

Good Light: Ideal for well-lit rooms or spots getting direct sunlight like windowsill

Medium Light: Perfect for moderate light conditions

Low Light: Shade-loving varieties, suitable for dark corners

Choose your indoor plant wisely.